Leslie Tumbaco

wedding & portrait photography

Leslie Tumbaco is a wedding & portraiture photographer based out of North Louisiana (West Monroe). She also works as an arts & culture writer and has an eye for visual arts and design.

Hi! I'm Leslie Prentice, née Tumbaco.

My title is technically photographer, but with my writing degree in tow, I like to consider myself more of a storyteller.

I love to meet people and get to know everything about them, the things that make them laugh, cry, and everything in between. After all, that's where the stories are.

In my work, I don't really want to shoot merely pretty weddings. No, I prefer people who couldn't care less about the trendy cake or the perfect centerpieces but instead care about the start of their marriage, the next step in their relationship, the love that they share. That is more beautiful than the orange flowers you reordered twice to get the right shade to match the bridesmaids.

So it's okay if you ignore me because you just want to stare at one another in disbelief that you're now married. Because that's ultimately what you're going to want to see years from now: the private laughs, the secret glances,  the shy smiles, the unexpected tears.

By day, I work with my husband in the family water well servicing company as a jack-of-all-trades type of assistant. Some days I work with my hands, sawing 2x4's to build shelves or disassembling a gooseneck hitch, and others I sit in front of a computer, tracking inventory and managing the company website. I love the work that I do since it's always changing.

That's a common theme for me: change. I don't like to be complacent, which is why I love photography.

Every client is different. Each has a new tale of joy, melancholy, intrigue, and more. I love the overwhelming emotion of it all. To have the privilege of capturing that is incomparable and of the highest value to me.

So if you're interested in working with me, head over to the contact page so I can get to know all about you.