Leslie Tumbaco

wedding & portrait photography

Leslie Tumbaco is a wedding & portraiture photographer based out of North Louisiana (West Monroe). She also works as an arts & culture writer and has an eye for visual arts and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your photography?

My style is all about the candid. I want to see you in all your natural beauty and glory, complete with goofy laughs, faces screwed up in sentimentality, and everything in between. I avoid giving you the cold, bland poses you see everywhere and actually prefer a fly-on-the-wall approach, but I'm happy to work with you if you want guidance. I mostly use ambient light, but I have a special love for studio lighting if I need it.

Did you go to school for this?

Not really. I first went to art school with the plan to study photography and did do some coursework for it, but I ended up switching majors when I got bored with the structure. I like to be a little wild with my work and do things on a whim, which just didn't work for a photography program. I ended up graduating with a BFA in Writing with a minor in Creative Writing.

Do I need to sign a contract? What about a deposit?

Yes and yes, I do require all clients to sign a contract and pay a deposit. After we meet and agree on what we're planning for your wedding/session, I'll get you to sign a contract. Most clients pay their deposit at the same time, but you have seven (7) days from the signing to get it to me. It will be applied to your total, and when I receive it, I will lock your date in my calendar.

Do you have a studio? Where will we take our pictures?

Nope. I prefer to use different locations for my clients since most people feel more comfortable in a less formal setting. I'm happy to give recommendations of the kinds of places that work well, particularly across the state of Louisiana. Just let me know what you're looking for!

What should I expect after our session/wedding?

As soon as I get home, I will back up your images and make sure that they are secure. I will go through and pick out a few immediate favorites to edit and post on my blog and social media. After that, I go into my editing cave for a few weeks (1-2 for portraits/8-10 for weddings). When your photos are ready, you'll get an email/text from me with a link to your private, password-protected online gallery with directions for downloading, sharing, and printing. A week or so after you get that, you'll get your USB in the mail!

What is your editing style?

I'm all about the natural, but I do have a preference for cooler tones so that will show in my color toning. As far as glamour edits, I will almost never remove or change anything beyond blemishes unless if you ask me. I really want your photos to be reflective of who you are in all your natural beauty.

Do you release the copyrights to our photos?

When you receive your USB in the mail, you'll get a limited print release that gives you permission to print and post the photos as much as you please.

Do I need a second photographer?

For portraiture sessions, I would say no 99% of the time. Unless if we're doing something crazy. Then, maybe you'd want a second photographer, but that's rare. For weddings, on the other hand, if you have more than 50 people attending, I will say yes 99% of the time. I can't be in two places at once so a second photographer can fill in the gaps and make sure that every single moment is captured.